Be Beach Beautiful: 5 Must-Know Beach Beauty Tips

For those that missed it, spent the last week talking all about beach beauty and ways we can all look fab while channeling the beach bum in us all. Don’t worry, we want to make sure everyone is all set for the shore this summer, so here’s a highlight from some of our beauty bloggers insights, as well as some of our favorite fan submitted tips.

1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN. We don’t need to tell you twice, do we? Being roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp is never cute, not to mention it’s painful. Plus, with every over exposure to the sun you put yourself more and more at risk for serious skin problems – wrinkles, aged skin and skin cancer. We also shouldn’t have to tell you that you should wear sunscreen all year round, even if you’re not going out in the sun.

Sunscreen Tips - RAEview -

RAEView’s must-have sunscreen is Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray SPF 30, as it protects your skin and provides a great glow.

It is best to take natural/organic sunscreen as to not damage the oceans. Ten percent of our reefs are being damaged a year by bleaching from sunscreens.” – Leane D.

2. Bright colors and neons are IN! 

Nothing makes us feel like summer’s in full effect more then busting out the bright colors, whether it’s your swimsuit, nail polish or other beach accessories. And we’re all in luck, because this summer bright colors like canary yellow, tangerine and cerulean blue will make a debut all over the trendiest beaches. So pump up the volume on Pharrell’s “Happy” (don’t lie, you love that song just as much as we do) and get ready to take on the beach in color.

Beach Beauty Tips - Beautiful Makeup Search -

3. Don’t let sand ruin your beachin’ good time. 

Raise your hand if you’ve unpacked your suitcase after you got back from vacay and discovered enough sand to nearly build your own sandcastle. *raises hand* So while it may make us wish we were back at the beach, it can also be limiting when we’re actually on vacation. Being covered in sand keeps you from seamlessly hoping back in forth between the beach and boardwalk or visa versa.

Beach Beauty Tip - JetSetSarah -

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon of JetSetSarah also recommends Bobbi Brown’s “Beach” Fragrance Body Oil for a quick way to freshen up while on the go at the beach.

“After a day at the beach rub baby powder all over your body to get the stubborn sand and salt off!” – Jackie M.

4. Being healthy doesn’t have to ruin your good time.

You may be at the beach, but making smart choices doesn’t have to ruin your fun. No, we’re not suggesting spending all of your days working out or not indulging every now and again. But it’s all about moderation. There’s plenty of great ways to not jeopardize all the work you’ve done to get beach ready and still let loose.

Beach Fitness Tip - Sarah Dussault -

“The best thing is to exercise regularly and eat healthy - great for your body and skin, also staying active helps you to enjoy all the fun beach activities all day long.” –BikQuan N.

“Make sure you keep yourself hydrated when out in the beach bringing your own cooler with lots of drinks & fruits will definitely help you stay healthy & beautiful while enjoying the beach.” –Yonijet S.

5. Your hair is beautiful. Treat it that way!

The waves can do a number on your hair and it’s important you take the time to take care of it while you’re out in the sun. With these simple hair hacks, you’ll leave the beach with your locks very possibly in better shape then when you got there.

“I always bring lemon and coconut oil to the beach- the lemon juice to bring out those pretty sun-streaked highlights and the coconut oil to mask my hair and protect it from the drying effects of the salt and sun. And of course, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!” – Sarah K. “Twist your hair into a bun when you go to the beach.  Make sure you don't leave any part lines (these hurt like crazy when they're sunburnt)!  Wearing a bun not only keeps hair off your face but also gives you a style that easily transitions to your post-beach adventure: simply let down your hair, scrunch, and enjoy lovely beachy waves!” – Abigail K.

Beach Hair Care Tip - Angie Away -


And there you have it. Being a beach beauty isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. With all these great tips, there’s no reason you can’t rock the beach all summer long. Do you have any tips of your own? Share your knowledge with in the comments section below! See you around the shore, babes! 

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