5 Beach Travel Gadgets You Need Right Now

Sure, vacations are pretty much amazing. They’re the perfect time for you to unplug and rejuvenate; if I had my choice, I’d have a permanent out-of-office reply on and be beachside every day. And traditionally, vacation is a time for you to put down the gadgets and escape from it all. While I definitely recommend clearing your mind, there are a few fun and life-saving gadgets that might just take your beach vacation to a whole other level. Here’s a list of beach-friendly travel gadgets you might want to consider throwing in your suitcase next time you’re beach bound.

ECOXPRO Audio Case for Extreme Protection:

Waterproof Phone & Audio Case - Beach Travel Gadgets - CheapCaribbean.com

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This bad boy promises exactly what the name states – protection. You won’t have to worry about waterproofing your phone or not being able to snap photos because of FOSP (Fear of Sand in Phone), because ECOXPRO has you covered. It’s waterproof and protects from pretty much any of Mother Nature’s elements. It fits nearly every device and has a pocket for credit cards, cash, etc. that stays air tight and locked up. The speaker on the case makes for easy access to your beach tunes playlist. There’s even a 30-hour battery life on this thing. Oh, and the best part? It floats.

Perfect vacation spot: Costa Rica. Or any place where jungle zip lines are as common as fast-food joints and relaxation time is perceived to be a rigorous hike to catch some out-of-this-world views from the top.

Ray-Ban Remix:

Um. What’s more amazing than having the PERFECT pair of shades to protect your precious eyes from all things sun? That’s why I’m totally into the Remix collection Ray-Bay is offering right now. Choose from iconic Ray-Ban styles like the aviator, wayfarer or even my personal favorite, the clubmaster. Once you select your style, you’ve got options like color, lenses and metal details to think about. Finalize your selction and BOOM, they’ll ship your shades right to you. It honestly doesn’t get much better than that. And the customization comes at no extra cost. Design away, my friends!

Customizable Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Beach Travel Gadgets by CheapCaribbean.com

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Perfect vacation spot: ANYWHERE. Yep, as long as sunny skies are in the forecast, you’re set and officially ready to take on the beach.

Shake Bottom Beach Bag:

Ugh. Sand. We all dream of putting our toes in the sand after a long hard day at the office, right? And while that’s certainly wonderful, bringing the sand home from the beach is always a drag. That’s why the Shake Bottom Beach Bag is sort of like the end-all, be-all for a beach trip. The bag features a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal or conceal the netting at will. When sand begins to intrude, just flip the flap and shake away! It doesn’t help that these bags boast an affordable price tag and are actually adorable. I may even be compelled to use this bag sans beach.

Shake Bottom Beach Bag - Beach Travel Gadgets by CheapCaribbean.com

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Perfect vacation spot: Well, any beach will due. But iconic sand destinations to test this out include the pink sands of Bermuda, black sands of St. Lucia, or the whitest of the white sands in the Bahamas.

Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite:

Are there any other bonafide beach bums out there? If at least one of your vacation days MUST be spent beach side with copious amounts of frosty drinks and poolside service, then you’ll probably consider a waterproof kindle papershite a necessity too. So if it’s time to switch from beach cabana to pool float (because it’s a better tanning angle for you, duh), don’t even think about having to mess with keeping the kindle away from the water, or even tucking it away in your bag in hopes it doesn’t come across some damage on it’s own. The paperwhite version is also a nice option because it will literally change your life when trying to read outside in the sun. And yes, this means it’s OK to finish Gone Girl and move onto the next title on your book club’s list.

Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite - Beach Travel Gadgets - CheapCaribbean.com

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Perfect vacation spot: Again, any beach will probably suffice. Not to mention you can use this kindle when you get back home too. But all-inclusive luxury resorts like Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun offer all the amenities you need, all while allowing you to get down on the latest novel.


We all like to come home from vacation looking a little sun-kissed. But we’ve all been there when that golden brown color you think you’re safely developing turns into an outright burn and, let’s face it, it’s miserable. Well. Welcome to the future of sun protection. JUNE is a device that measures your sun exposure throughout the day and provides you with real-time updates on your smart phone. It’s a simple (and cute!) bracelet you wear when outside and the app on your smart phone will keep track of things like your current UV levels, the appropriate SPF for your skin, when you should probably put a hat on, and of course, when it’s time to move into the shade. So let JUNE do the work for you, while you just bask in the sun god/goddess glory at the end of the day.

JUNE Sun Protection Bracelet - Beach Travel Gadgets - Cheap Caribbean

Photo credit: www.netatmo.com

Perfect vacation spot: This is another “anywhere there’s some sun” gadgets, but one place that’s extra sunny and super popular this time of year is Breahtless Punta Cana & Spa in the Dominican Republic. With the DJ’ed pool parties this place sees on a regular basis, your JUNE will absolutely come in handy.

There you have it--some of the things CheapCaribbean.com considers to be beach travel musts. No doubt, these items will simplify and elevate your beach vacation experience. Ah. Thank you, technology. What are your beach travel gadget favorites? Tell us in the comments below!

Brittany Innes is a travel junkie with a passion for food, trying new things, and being spontaneous.


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