En Vogue This Summer: Sustainable Swimwear

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Swimsuit season can’t get here fast enough. By now, you already know what will be trending on the beach in 2014, but you may not be aware that there are sustainable beachwear options as well. Some companies take social responsibility into consideration, others may be more concerned with their direct impact on the environment, and some may even be conscious of both. No matter the case, there are plenty of options in the market for those who want to be socially and environmentally responsible, yet still be able to turn heads when visiting their favorite beach.

Fables by Barrie Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear - CheapCaribbean.comCurleeBikini - Sustainable Swimwear -
Fables by Barrie suits are designed, developed, and manufactured in San Diego, California.CurleeBikini has "zero waste" policies, uses eco friendly materials, and has NO manufacturer.
Aguacalra Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear - CheapCaribbean.comECO SWIM - Sustainable Swimwear -
Aguaclara’s hand-made natural products help provide jobs for over 200 people in Peru.ECO SWIM uses fabrics made from recycled materials and helps organize beach clean ups.
Karla Colletto Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear - CheapCaribbean.comLa Isla Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear -
Karla Colletto suits are made in Virginia from eco-engineered textiles.La Isla uses fabrics locally sourced in Colombia and all employees are local head-of-household women.
Marysia Swim - Sustainable Swimwear - CheapCaribbean.comNanette Lepore Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear -
Marysia Swim is based in New York City and uses environmentally friendly fabrics made in Italy.Nanette Lepore helps raise awareness for American-made clothing with a hand-crafted feel.
Koru Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear - CheapCaribbean.comOlga Olsson Swimswear - Sustainable Swimwear -
Koru uses recycled, plantable hangtags, bamboo care labels and recycled cotton accessory bags.Olga Olsson focuses on the natural beauty of raw materials such as Italian vegetable tan leather.

Don’t forget about swimwear from H&M, who partners up with WaterAid to help people in need in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. And for the men looking to get in on the action, try something from Onia's swim line. You're bound to find something to your liking from their wide array of styles.

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Five Must-Shop Caribbean Stores by JetSetSarah


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By: JetSetSarah

Got the retail itch? Step away from the three-for-$20 T-shirts and those dreadful knitted caps with the dreadlocks attached! Savvy shoppers bring home authentic Caribbean goods that look good and/or work well, and evoke happy memories every time you look at them. Here are some of my favorite souvenir-snagging spots.

Irie Life, South Hill, Anguilla 

There are T-shirts and then there are T-shirts. Irie Life sells the latter, and wearing one immediately marks you as one of Anguilla’s coolest customers (even the most stylish locals sport them around town). This store is located in South Hill and housed in a hilltop cottage painted red, green and gold. Expect trendy colors (neon Ts are current bestsellers) and styles (hoodies, burn-out textured stretch cotton), with nary a boxy crew-neck in sight.

Irie Life, Anguilla Shopping from

Shop Smart: Make no mistake; Anguilla is notoriously pricey. Time your trip for the end of the summer, however, when shops are anxious to move leftover merchandise in advance of the winter high season, and you’ll score great deals.

Gallery of West Indian Art, Montego Bay, Jamaica

When I lived in Mo’Bay, this decades-old store secreted in a residential about 10 minutes’ drive from the city, was my go-to for Jamaican and Caribbean art and craft. Montego Bay’s, The Gallery is most famous for its menagerie of multi-colored “spotties,” hand-carved painted wooden animals stippled with white polka dots. But it is also a great find for handmade small furniture pieces and an impressive collection of colorful Cuban canvases. For more about Gallery of West Indian Art, visit them online.

Shop Smart: Don’t leave without a handmade Christmas tree ornament from the store’s year-round collection.

Olé, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking for the perfect Panama hat? Make a beeline for Puerto Rico and milliner Guillermo Jeffs’ tiny boutique on Old San Juan’s bustling Fortaleza Street, where you can browse more than 5,000 of them. Toppers start at a very reasonable $50 and rise to a whopping $4,000 for a hand-woven model that takes about two years to make. Whichever you choose, Guillermo will custom-fit the Panama to your head, employing his decades of experience – and a hat block and blow dryer – to ensure the perfect fit. For more information, visit Olé's Facebook Page.

Jamaica Shopping from

Shop Smart: Ole offers more than 20 colors of hat ribbon to choose from, so instead of falling back on traditional black, get creative!

Mixik, Tulum, Mexico

I fell in love with the hand-carved wooden angels you see at resorts all over Mexico, so I was thrilled to hit pay dirt at this Tulum shop, which has a vast selection of the charming cherubs. It’s also jam-packed with locally crafted gifts, art and accessories you’ll find impossible to resist (or is that just me?)

Shop Smart: Can’t find what you want at the beachfront store? There’s also a larger location in el pueblo. Store can be reached at: 52-984-871-21-36

Zaka, Soufriere, St. Lucia

Simon Gajadhar used to be a shipwright but has clearly found his (ahem) groove as a wood carver and artist. Visit his fret-worked cottage in Soufriere, St. Lucia and you too will be enchanted by the colorful collection of masks and totems, all carved from recycled wood and old telephone poles. For more information about Zaka, visit their website.

St. Lucia Shopping from

Shop Smart: While the larger masks will set you back hundreds of dollars, prices for smaller pieces start at a very reasonable $20, so you can bring back something for everyone - even that grumpy woman in Accounting).


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