Don’t Fry Day & National Sunscreen Day: 8 Sun-Safe Tips

If you’re like us, your summer is full of barbecues, beach days and outdoor activities. What’s not on the list is missing out on any of the fun due to a painful sunburn - ouch! Here are our tips for staying healthy and looking gorgeous in the sun.

1. Apply an SPF 15 to SPF 50 sunscreen 15 minutes BEFORE you step out in the sun. Look for a sunscreen that is waterproof and provides UVA and UVB rays coverage. (American Academy of Dermatology)

2. We can't say it enough. Reapply. Reapply. Reapply! Set an alarm or reminder to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after swimming. (American Academy of Dermatology)

Reapply Sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after swimming.

3.  Don’t let cloudy or overcast days fool you. It’s important to protect your skin from UV rays every time you go outside.

4.  Did you check your sunscreen’s expiration date? Stay safe by tossing last year’s bottles and purchasing new. If your sunscreen doesn’t have an expiration date and it’s older than a year, it’s safe to assume it’s expired. It’s also important to note sunscreen lifespan is shortened by exposure to high temperatures. (CDC)

5.  Use fashionable summer accessories to help minimize sun exposure to your face. Big hats and stylish sunglasses are an easy way to protect your skin and look hot doing it!

6.  Don’t forget your lips. Moisturize and protect your lips from harmful rays with a lip-protection balm at least every hour.

7.  Seek shade, especially from 10am to 2pm. Want some fresh air and R&R without sun exposure? Try lounging on the beach under an umbrella with a popular summer read. This sounds like the perfect day to us! (FDA)

8.  Don’t skip on H20! We all know your skins best friend is water. Freeze bottles and pack your cooler full when heading out for a day in the sun.

Heading to the beach or an outdoor cookout this weekend? Remember these tips and tweet us or post a picture on Instagram of you protecting your skin using the #SunscreenSelfie hashtag for a chance to win a FREE getaway! You may also enter here.


We wish everyone a sun-safe Memorial Weekend!

Christina Hohman is Manager of Social Media at She enjoys playing soccer, patio hopping on sunny days and putting her toes in the sand.

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