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4 Tips For Family Fun Vacations

Planning Your Summer Vacation With The Whole Family In Mind

Moms, get out your summer planners now… we know you’re headed to the beach and we want to make sure you’re uber prepared for the fun that lies ahead.

It’s so hard to find that one special place that’s right for everyone. Are you the one who gets to relax? Or do the kids get to run wild? You just have to know what to look for when you’re researching your Caribbean summer vacay. We’ve put together a list of features to consider while you’re checking out the resorts to make sure everyone’s happy.

Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya

Kids 12 and under stay and eat for free at the Dreams Puerto Aventuras, Riviera Maya, where they can join the Explorer's Club and meet real lion cubs!

Kids Stay and Eat Free
Most families we know have a picky eater or two. Likes green beans, but doesn’t like it when they touch the mashed potatoes. Chicken nuggets? Yes, please. Why pay for your little one to take two bites of a piece of bread and declare that he’s ready to head back to the beach?! (Consider the savings if EVERY restaurant carried this philosophy!) Grab a resort that includes the kiddos for free and you’ll save quite a few pretty pennies!

Sunset Jamaica Grand, Jamaica

Pirate's Paradise Water Park boasts over 300 feet of water slide at the Sunset Jamaica Grand, Jamaica. This resort has two separate clubs for the younger kids and for tweens and teens.

Kids Club
You’ve been whisked away to paradise… but how will you keep the kids entertained AND do some relaxing yourself? The Kids Club is the solution, indeed. Resorts offer all kinds of fun activities – Sand Castle competitions, snorkeling, arts and crafts, giant water trampolines, mini explorations, swimming, fun games galore… and some even offer shows with well-known characters parading around. Best of all, the cleanup is left to the people running the place and that means zero mommy duty for you. Don’t be insulted if your kids are more interested in Kids Club than your ‘SO boring’ cabana lounging down by the beach. ;)

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

With 20 dedicated swimming areas and 141 acres of water park, coupled with the Atlantis Experience Pass, Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas, is a fantastic place for the whole family!

Water Park
Yes, two words that make up the place you spend lots of time every summer in your hometown so they can go on thrilling water rides and have a summer to remember. Running, laughing, jumping up and down… swimming in the lazy river, splashing in the waterfall! The place should really be named Kid’s Water Paradise, because they’ve literally just stepped into the epitome of what makes them happy. You relax, they play… what’s not to love?

Kids Activity Center - Holiday Inn Sunspree, Jamaica

The Kids Activity Center at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, Jamaica, is sure to keep the kids busy for hours on end!

Relaxation for the Parents
Even though you love ‘em, you might just have to leave ‘em for a few to have a moment for yourself! Get a couples massage on the beach, play a round of golf, go shopping in town, or relax in the water at the swim up bar. If even for just a cat nap in the hotel because you’re tired of waking up at 5 am for the weekday grind. Go ahead and sleep in, we won’t judge!

Knowing what to look for is half the battle. Use these tips to plan your summer getaway with the family, and you’ll be good to go!